Pet Travel

We can provide your pet with all the necessary documents they need to travel

Please note: you should begin the process of acquiring pet travel documents for the EU & Ireland AT LEAST ONE MONTH before you are due to leave.

For travel further afield (e.g Australia, New Zealand etc) there are a number of hoops to jump through and the process can take up to 12 months before you are able to depart. Please give us a call on 02082992388 to book an appointment with one of our experienced vets to discuss the process and timeline for these more complex exports.

There are a number of things your pet requires before they travel. These include (but are not limited to):

  • A microchip – find out more about microchipping
  • A rabies vaccination – one injection from 12 weeks of age will usually protect your pet for up to 3 years
  • A health assessment – one of our vets will thoroughly assess your companion ensuring they’re in great shape, up to date with parasite control and have no conditions they could pass on to other animals
  • A export / animal health certificate (EHC or AHC) – the vet will complete this once they are satisfied your pet meets all of the requirements to travel.

The issuing vets will go through the validity and terms of any certificates you are issued with - our receptionists may also ask quite a few questions at the time of booking the appointment: this is just to ensure we give you the correct certification for your pet and your journey.

For more information about pet travel, you can visit the DEFRA website or call their helpline on 08702 411710.

It is extremely important you are aware of the diseases your pet is at risk of when they travel abroad. For that reason, we have provided some information on Travel Precautions.

Travel Precautions