When you visit The Neighbourhood Vet, you and your pet will be welcomed and made to feel comfortable

20 minute consultations

You know better than anyone that pets become part of the family; you wouldn’t let any harm come to a member of your family, would you? For that reason, you’re recommended to take your pet to see a vet once a year to ensure they’re fit and healthy at all times.

Did you know that there are some conditions animals are susceptible to that don’t have any symptoms? Additionally, lots of pets are very good at putting up with pain; so your pet could have a problem you don’t know about.

When you visit The Neighbourhood Vet, after being welcomed by a friendly face and made to feel comfortable, you will be asked a few quick questions about your pet’s health. These questions are nothing to worry about; they simply enable the vet to tailor an examination to meet all of your pet’s needs.

You and your pet will then be escorted into one of our three spacious consulting rooms where your pet will be thoroughly examined. The examination will last 20 minutes which means the vet will be able to check your pet's eyes, ears, skin, coat, teeth and claws, before listening to their heart and lungs and assessing their abdomen.

“To my knowledge, we are the only vets in London to be offering 20-minute consultations. We’re in no hurry when it comes to examining our patients and as a result, we’ve developed some great relationships with the animals we see.”
Suzanne McNabb – Veterinary Surgeon

Once your pet’s check-up is complete the vet will discuss any findings with you. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your companion’s health.

The vets themselves will dispense any medications your pet requires and will discuss all the details in the quiet of the consultation room. They will also be able to offer you advice about administering it – and are happy to do this – as well as give you lots of helpful information regarding any queries you may have.

To book an appointment for your pet, or for a tour of our practice please call us on 0208 299 2388.