If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.


Our latest price list

Price List

Consultation (dog, cat, rabbit) £62.00
Consultation (small pet, bird) £47.50
Nurse consultation £32.00
Telemedicine £62.00
Emergency consultation (and all consultations after 3pm Sat and all day Sun) £165.00


Dog vaccination (primary course)  £76.00 each (2 required)
Dog vaccination (annual) - DHP L2/L4 £76.00
Dog vaccination - Kennel cough £63.00
Dog vaccination - Kennel cough given with annual vaccination £37.00
Cat vaccination (primary course) £76.00 each (2 required)
Cat vaccination (annual)  £76.00
Rabbit vaccination (annual) £76.00


Dog (under 25kg) £415.00
Dog (over 25kg) £485.00
Dog (laparoscopic spay) From £1075.00
Cat £162.00
Cat (midline) £201.00
Cat (pregnant) £275.00
Rabbit £186.00


Dog (under 25kg) £340.00
Dog (over 25kg) £425.00
Cat £116.00
Rabbit £140.00


Nail Clip £34.75
Anal Gland Expression £32.50
Animal Health Certificate (AHC) £240.00
Rabies vaccination £105.00
Microchip £39.20
Prescription fee £29.50
Direct Claim Fee £37.00

This price list is correct as of 1st September 2023. Please contact us if you require prices for specific treatments or procedures not listed.