Our latest price list

Price List

Consultation (dog, cat, rabbit) £62.00
Consultation (small pet, bird) £47.50
Nurse consultation £32.00
Telemedicine £62.00
Emergency consultation (and all consultations after 3pm Sat and all day Sun) £165.00


Dog vaccination (primary course)  £76.00 each (2 required)
Dog vaccination (annual) - DHP L2/L4 £76.00
Dog vaccination - Kennel cough £63.00
Dog vaccination - Kennel cough given with annual vaccination £37.00
Cat vaccination (primary course) £76.00 each (2 required)
Cat vaccination (annual)  £76.00
Rabbit vaccination (annual) £76.00


Dog (under 25kg) £415.00
Dog (over 25kg) £485.00
Dog (laparoscopic spay) From £1075.00
Cat £162.00
Cat (midline) £201.00
Cat (pregnant) £275.00
Rabbit £186.00


Dog (under 25kg) £340.00
Dog (over 25kg) £425.00
Cat £116.00
Rabbit £140.00


Anal sacs emptied (by a nurse) £32.00
Nail clipping (by a nurse) £26.50
Animal Health Certificate (AHC) £240.00
Rabies vaccination £105.00
Microchip £39.20
Prescription fee A  £29.50
Prescription fee B  (for a second medication or antiparasitic medication) £19.50
Direct Claim Fee £37.00

This price list is correct as of 1st September 2023. Please contact us if you require prices for specific treatments or procedures not listed.