The Pets Factor

Keep an eye out on your telly, you may spot a familiar face!

For any clients with younger children, you may think the practice looks a little familiar!

Starting in early 2017, The Neighbourhood Vet was used in the filming of CBBC’s “The Pets Factor”. The show follows five vets: James, Cat, Cheryl, Fabian & Rory (who our long-standing clients will recognise!) and gives a bit of an insight into what happens behind the scenes in a veterinary clinic.

Showing everything from simple health checks to life-saving surgeries, the show went on to film 8 series and was nominated for a BAFTA in 2019.

If you are interested, series 5-8 are still available to watch on iPlayer and you may even see some familiar faces who still work at The Neighbourhood Vet!

Watch the series now