Microchipping provides peace of mind should your beloved pet go missing

Peace of mind

Being separated from your pet is a horrible thought; it’s not nice to imagine how you’d feel if your pet were lost or stolen. But what if there was a way to provide peace of mind should your pet ever find themselves anywhere other than by your side?

Microchipping is when a microchip the size of a grain of rice is inserted into the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. This procedure is quick, straightforward, and thanks to the skill and experience of our team at The Neighbourhood Vet, relatively painless.

After your pet has its microchip inserted, all of your contact details will be registered on a national computerised database called Pet Log. Your information will be stored under an identification code that will appear when your pet’s microchip is scanned.

The good news is that various locations hold microchip scanners today. These include all veterinary practices, dog wardens and the RSPCA. So should your pet need to be reunited with you for any reason, it likely it won’t take very long at all.