Ariel Ward

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Ariel Ward  - Veterinary Physiotherapist
Ariel Ward BSc (Hons) MSc VetPhys MNAVP Veterinary Physiotherapist

Ariel has over a decade of professional animal handling experience from small domestic animals such as rabbits, cats and dogs to larger animals such as horses and cattle. On a voluntary basis she has been involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation across the UK. While also previously working as a horse riding instructor catering to both beginners and advanced riders, and teaching those involved in film and television.  

Due to a love of biological sciences, in particular veterinary physiology and anatomy, Ariel completed a postgraduate degree in veterinary physiotherapy. Upon graduation she created her own mobile veterinary physiotherapy business servicing London. 

Arial has a particular interest in neurological cases, while also working with many cases involving animals with osteoarthritis, generalised back pain, animals that need to build strength before undergoing orthopaedic surgery and those that are post surgery and need help recovering.

People’s pets offer them a level of unconditional love and companionship, when they are unwell or injured it can have a huge impact on the family. Ariel loves being able to help get people’s pets back on the right path to good functionality and an improved quality of life. 

When not at work Ariel enjoys creating anatomical drawings to be used in veterinary educational materials, yoga, aerial hoop, horse riding and archery, with the aim to combine the skills into horseback archery and trick riding.