Kennel Assistant

Zaina - Kennel Assistant
Zaina Kennel Assistant

Zaina has always wanted to work with animals so was thrilled to join The Neighbourhood Vet as a kennel assistant in February 2024.

Zaina is passionate about brachycephalic breeds and wants to use her knowledge and enthusiasm to promote responsible brachycephalic ownership. Her favourite ‘brachy’ saying is ‘Fit for function, fit for life’ and she has been part of a discussion on Jeremy Vine's BBC radio 2 programme about the health of brachycephalic breeds.

Attending dog shows with her dogs Mabel (a British bulldog) and Wanda (a pug) is one her favourite pastimes. In her menagerie, she also has another pug named Suki, Willow the cat and a multitude of goldfish. If she has any free time at all, Zaina loves to go horse riding and is a regular at her local stables.